Night Owl & Early Bird Dilemma

Night Owl & Early Bird Dilemma

Advice for a night owl having difficulty finding time to love her early bird.

I just moved in with my boyfriend, hoping that cohabitation would result in more quality time together. But I’m a night owl, while he tucks in early—so we hardly see each other! What can we do to reconcile our mismatched body clocks? –Maria, 34

Getting circadian rhythms in sync can be challenging, so be aware (as I’m sure you are) that successful cohabitation will require lots of compromise.

First, designate days of the week where you are both on your own schedules without guilt, then choose a few where you settle in early. If you can’t sleep, read beside him until he nods off, then get back out of bed for a few hours. And ask him to stay up with you once a week—maybe for a date night out?

You might also try taking long lunches together every Thursday, set aside Saturday afternoons for “just us” time, or schedule occasional mini getaways. Experiment with your schedules to find what works for you both. As long as you are committed to making it work, you will be in a new routine in no time.

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