Phone Detects Level Of Passion In Voice

Phone Detects Level Of Passion In Voice

A mobile carrier in South Korea is dubbing this product the Love Detector.

A new phone technology in South Korea has been developed that tests if someone is speaking honestly and with affection. The app supposedly analyzes voice patterns for sincerity and passionate undertones. Mobile carrier KFT is exclusively using this technology. Basically, a user points the phone at himself and has a video conference with a meter gauging the amount of love in the other person’s voice. KFT sends the caller a complete analysis of the conversation by text afterwards. The service goes for about 2 bucks a month.

Solid. This is why they haven’t closed the patent office in Seoul. Inventions like this keep the wheels of industry rolling. To be completely fair, this device (if it functions as promised) could be amazingly useful to executives, interrogators, and reality TV hosts. Maybe it will usher in a whole new age of honesty. Or an age of counter-technology used to fake the device out. Or even an age in which we start talking all choppy-like and change the octaves in our voice from word to word. And we’re pretty sure that the Book of Revelations predicted the end of mankind when everyone is talking like a pubescent boy.

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