Sex Toy Ban In Texas Overturned

Sex Toy Ban In Texas Overturned

Evidently, the 14th Amendment was in jeopardy.

Texas is one of the last states to have a ban on sex toys. But the 5th Court Of Appeals has ruled that this is in violation of the 14th Amendment. Which is, of course, the right to an attorney. If you think about it, we’ve all probably referred to a lawyer as a dildo before so… The application of the 14th Amendment has more to do with protection of privacy, which is sort of touched on in Article 1 of that Amendment.

Oddly enough, most of the 14th Amendment has to do with punishing insurrection (which is, oddly enough, a popular sex shop).

Another one of our favorite legal battles in Texas is around the banning of at-home sex clubs. Which is ironic because some people claim that sex parties are the new sex toys. We’ll see how the 5th Court deals with that one. It looks like no one is going to be able to call the Lone Star State "no kinky Sexas" any more. Which is  good because no one ever did call it that. Alabama and Mississippi are now the only two states that have a ban on sex toys and MS is in the same court circuit as Texas, sooooo…

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