Happy Divorce Day, Phoenix

Happy Divorce Day, Phoenix

The most divorce filings happen on Feb 14 in Phoenix.

According to some research done by the Arizona Republic, February 14th is the day that the most divorces take place in Maricopa County, which encompasses Phoenix. On average 19 more divorces are filed on V-Day in Phoenix than any other day of the year. It looks like some Phoenix residents (they’re not Phoenicians, are they?) don’t want to miss an opportunity to really rub it in. Maybe they could emulate England whose National Divorce Day is January 8th.

It has been mentioned pretty frequently that there is always an up-tick in divorces after the holidays and it makes sense that V-Day is hit upon so often. The holidays immediately after the new year are Ash Wednesday, Fat Tuesday, and Martin Luther King Day (which Arizona only recently began recognizing). All of those are transient holidays i.e. the date is not fixed. Valentine’s Day is always February the 14th. And if you have the opportunity to really stick it to someone that you used to love but feel has treated you wrong you take it.

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