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Woman Sues Online Auction House For Paternity Info

Woman Sues Online Auction House For Paternity Info

Online sex auction led to pregnancy and woman needs daddy's info.

A woman in Germany (not necessarily a German woman) has won the right to get paternity information from an online auction house. Did we mention that the woman auctioned off sex to six different men and now needs their contact information to find out the identity of her child’s father? Yeah, that’s a big part of the story.

This story sounds like a cross between Hostel 2 and every episode of Springer. There are a few parts of this story that make us a little uneasy. 1) A woman auctions herself off for sex and doesn’t use some (or many) forms of birth control? That is not thinking ahead. 2) A man (or six, whatever) purchases a piece of tail on the interwebs and doesn’t wear a condom? Also not thinking ahead. 3) And we’re surprised that the court ruled in her favor. Sure, it’s hard out here for a pimp but it’s pretty tough out there for hos too. Not a lot of love from the legal system even in places that ho-in’ is legal.

Let this be a lesson to anyone purchasing or selling sexual favors online, not everyone is as infertile as you might guess.

Read more about Frau Fertile at Reuters


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