Honey Traps Ensnare Wandering Eyes

Honey Traps Ensnare Wandering Eyes

PIs using sexy numbers to catch roving spouses.

Do you know what a ‘Honey Trap’ is? Essentially, it’s a good-looker (gender nonspecific) used to convince someone to do something they shouldn’t (and often get caught in the act). And it could be a synonym for svengali. Con men use them to convince middle-aged bank managers to embezzle funds. The Dukes (of Hazzard) use them to confuse lecherous deputies while the General Lee makes its escape. And private investigators use them to catch wayward spouses.

While this practice is clearly not illegal, it probably stretches the ethical and good taste boundaries. But, if you gotta know that your guy/ gal is on the prowl, it’s one way to do it. Our experience with honey traps in the past (largely film and sit-com based) has led us to believe that something unexpected always happens. Sometimes someone is left naked somewhere and sometimes the new girl accidentally falls in love with John Tucker.

According to an article in Reuters, there is honor among thieves. The ‘honey trapper’ that they interviewed had these rules:
1: The target must not be drunk.
2: No touching.
3: The relative attractiveness of the trapper to the target must be equal.

Those are all pretty good rules. The attractiveness one is tough though. Unless they have virtually no ego (and what person cheating on his spouse can say that?) or is on HotOrNot everyday, they probably are not intimately familiar with what league they are in. On the other hand, Joe Beergut may be a little suspicious when America’s Next Top Model asks him up to her room. Add this to your keystroke recorder as a way to catch a cheating spouse. It might make a good reality TV show, though someone might get seriously hurt (physically, financially, emotionally, psychically, etc).

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