Not Your Average Valentine's Day Card!

Valentine's Day card

Check out the V-Day card ideas we think Hallmark may have forgotten about...

Is Valentine’s Day just another ploy for Hallmark to stack dollars? Apparently not, since they haven’t covered all bases when it comes to that perfect card.

Some of us here at Tango took it upon ourselves to come up with a few V-Day greeting card concepts that we think would sell big. Feel free to toss out that cutesy “Dog with a heart that says ‘I Woof You’” card and use one of ours…

For your happily single friends: Outside: “I almost bought you a boyfriend for Valentine's Day...” 
Inside: “But I knew you'd rather have cute shoes!”

When you’re ready to call it quits: Outside: “Baby, the best gift you could get me for Valentine’s Day is you, wrapped in a red bow.”
Inside: “Just make sure you keep the receipt.”

A couple of great one-liners:I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”
“You're a keeper (picture of a goalie).”
“Who are we kidding? Neither of us could do better.”
“Who are we kidding? Both of us could do better.”
“I'm here until the checks stop clearing.”

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And of course, for the tech-lovers: Outside: Cell phone with the message: “Muah! 143 4ever, SeXC!” Inside: Valentine, you throw me into a fit of textual frenzy!