NYC Hotel To Hold V-Day Shindig For Singles

NYC Hotel To Hold V-Day Shindig For Singles

Finally, someone is looking out for singles on Valentine's Day.

The New York Helmsley Hotel (on E 42nd Street) is holding a V-Day hoedown for singles only. The idea is for everyone to revel in their unattachedness (which is not a word), exorcise the ghosts of relationships past, and generally get down.

The event lasts from 7 to 10 with an open bar for the first hour. There is a cover ($45), which is relaxed if you bring someone with ($75 for two). Don’t get us wrong, we think Valentine’s Day is a fine holiday. A lot of people are suspicious of the consumer aspect, but who cares? Unfortunately, there are people out there who feel their faces are being rubbed in their singledom (also not a word) by society. It’s like those people that don’t want to go to weddings without a date because they feel weird about being single. Forget that, dude. Being single at a wedding is an adventure. No one would crash them otherwise.

So, if you’re single, upset about it, and happen to live near New York City, go to the Helmsley, have a good time, and remember how much fun you had the next time that you want to complain about being single. There’s someone out there, buddy. You just have to keep looking and have as much fun as possible along the way. And if you want to destroy a photo of your ex while partying with models and sampling aphrodisiacs, you can do that too. No word on whether the Helmsley has a discounted (or hourly) rate for rooms that night. And if hotel parties aren't your thing, maybe you'll enjoy participating in the world's largest international speed dating event.

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