Online Dating Industry Vs. Background Checks

Online Dating Industry Vs. Background Checks

Some companies think they're absolutely necessary. is pitting itself against its competitors. True thinks that dating sites should be obligated to provide background checks on its users. And fancy that, already does background checks. This comes at a time that law-makers are interested in getting in the act. Legislators in New Jersey has passed a law that makes dating sites obligated to tell users if they do extensive background checks. This seems like the step before requiring sites to do a background check.

While there would clearly be extra costs involved, it seems like this will ultimately lead to more business from people worried about security but lose business from scumbags. Things really aren’t working out for scumbags these days. A law is about to be passed in NY State that makes it a felony for sex offenders to communicate with children online.

However, critics think that these checks are virtually worthless. Names are run through state databases of criminals for exact matches. Experts estimate that these checks are very easy to trick and offer no real protection. And that the peace of mind that they claim to offer could in fact make people forget about the inherit danger of meeting someone online.

This is a toughy. On one hand, every little bit helps. On the other hand, unless they’re using credit card information to track someone it may not be very useful. Kudos to True for trying. And if online dating is going to be regulated, it should probably done at the federal level. A mish-mash of state laws could make it impossible for smaller companies to keep track of.

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