Gary Coleman Marries A Regular Woman

Gary Coleman Marries A Regular Woman

The diminutive star got hitched in a secret ceremony.

Yeah, yeah, whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout, Dish? The actor famed for his role as Arnold Drummond was wed in a secret ceremony in August of 2007. The bride, a Miss Shannon Price, is 18 years Coleman’s junior and is about 11 inches taller than him. Price, 22 years old and 5’7”, says, "That doesn't really matter to me. He was 10 feet tall to me because he was sweet and I really liked his personality." Solid. We’re guessing that it was a short ceremony? We mean short because it was a small wedding party (minister, preacher, videographer, photographer, chopper pilot, and possibly the ghost of Conrad Bain*).

Where do Coleman and Shannon Price go from here? This seems like an opportunity ripe for a reality show. We’re pretty sure that he’s available. All we know is that if they could get him and Emmanuel Lewis to drop whatever beef they have and appear together, it could be a crowning moment in television history. We’re not sure if Emmanuel is married, but if he’s not, Gary Coleman and Shannon Price could play matchmakers for him. Maybe they could call it A Little Bit Of Love. Gary Coleman played cupid once on the Jamie Foxx Show. Only good things can come of this.

*Note: Conrad Bain played Mr. Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes. And he is actually still alive, like Sinbad.

**Note: Coleman’s character from Diff’rent Strokes is in our top 3 for most influential Arnolds of all time. He joins Arnold Schwarzenegger and Benedict Arnold on that list.

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