Ryan Phillippe Tries To Explain Breakup

ryan phillipe

He sort of dances around the issue, because it's complicated.


In next month’s issue of W (which we assume stands for ‘wonderful’), Ryan Phillippe sheds some light on the split with Reese Witherspoon. Some speculation by those not in the know indicated that the break was because of some infidelity on Ryan’s part (possibly involving Abby Cornish). He states that it was not the case. He says that the break was, “far more complicated and far less interesting than it’s made out to be.” He went further to say that an outside person could not break up their relationship and the reasons for the breakup had to come from within.

He goes on to say that he and Reese Witherspoon remain tight and are mutually very focused on their two kids (Ava, 8 and Deacon, 4). Good to know.

We understand that not every breakup is caused by infidelity. And it’s always a better ‘story’ if there is a bit salaciousness to it. That being said, Ryan’s rationale behind their breakup really only brings up more questions. Sure, it’s no one’s business, but giving half answers and being vague only gets people more interested. It looks like he and Ethan Hawke have been comparing notes about this stuff. Maybe they could do a video together on how not to discuss a high-profile breakup. We thought it was rather gentlemanly of Phillippe not to bring up Jake Gyllenhaal.

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