McCartney & Mills Go To Court This Week

McCartney & Mills Go To Court This Week

This week is the last chance to keep the divorce from going to public courts.

Evidently in a last-ditch effort to keep their nasty divorce from becoming an all-out war, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills met today in a private court session. The two have been at-odds for some time and the closed-door sessions this week will give them a chance to save some face and also give Mills a chance to cross-examined Macca.

The last rumored deal was that Sir Paul would pay out roughly $110 million in cash with $40 million up front and the rest due over 14 years. In this scenario Paul would retain all of his properties and they would split custody of 4-year old Beatrice. Rumor has it that Mills plans on asking for $100 million in cash with an additional $60 million in assets. Those four years with the Beatles legend must have been rough to warrant that kind of jing.

Either scenario would make it the most expensive divorce in British history.

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This saga has dragged on too long. Back in July of 2007, McCartney offered Mills roughly $40 million, then she demanded $140 million, in November she was mad and he kissed some women in the Hamptons, and then she canned her legal team, he offered her less money because she kirked out on TV, and then he was linked with Rosanna Arquette. And then quiet. It has been a long, strange trip for Macca and Heather “Big Bills” Mills and they haven’t even gone to public court yet.