Office Romance Goes To College

Office Romance Goes To College

Texas A&M has begun actively recruiting couples to their faculty.

We know, you’re not allowed to think of teachers as people. Because they sure don’t think of you as people. They think of you as balls of clay to be molded in their image. They throw around words like “protégé” and “like a son” and the next thing you know you’re moving into the spare room at their house because you admire their “integrity.” And then you notice that they drink more than you thought. And some of their ideas are not entirely their own. And that flan is good but just not for every meal. And suddenly you think that maybe your parents do know what’s best for you and that moving in with this ‘older person’ may have been something to disapprove of. And the next thing you know they walk out of the shower and decide to “air dry.” Well that’s not going to happen at Texas A&M.

The Aggies, particularly their science department, has decided that it is in their best interest to have husband and wife working side by side. Texas A&M’s science department is seeking to become as accommodating as possibly to tenure and tenure-track professors. A program began by former A&M president (and current Secretary of Defense) Robert Gates has the University on track to fill its ranks with excellent educators. And part of that plan is to go after couples. Essentially, it is very difficult for married couples to find jobs at the same university. And these so-called ‘two-body opportunities’ have really paid off. And A&M's Science Department currently employs 21 of these pairs. They keep morale high (there may be things that carry over to and from home) and are a huge aid in retention. We’re guessing that this way of doing business will be carefully observed by others in the public and private sector.

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