Survey: Men Prefer Quality TV Over Sex

Survey: Men Prefer Quality TV Over Sex

A survey in the UK shows 1/2 of men would rather have a plasma TV than sex.

In a survey done in the United Kingdom, it was shown that almost half of men (47%) would give up sex for 6 months for a 50-inch Plasma TV. And women, with their eyes on the prize, would only make that trade 35% of the time. This is well and good. And almost what you would expect, however compared to abstaining from other things in order to win a television laying off the sex was pretty easy. In exchange for a 50-inch plasma, 17%, 25%, and 24% of Brits surveyed would lay off of watching soccer, eating chocolate, or smoking. That’s right, British people would rather give up boning than chocolate, football, or cigarettes (or fags, tee-hee). It just brings to mind the phrase, “No sex please, we’re English.”

We wonder what the stipulations were on the sex. Most of the blokes were probably like, “Surely they don’t count self-sex.”  And according to Lewinsky-era Bill Clinton, oral sex doesn’t count. So, when you think of it you’re may not be giving up that much. We’re guessing that it probably does include anal.

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