Romantic Igloo Getaways?

Romantic Igloo Getaways?

Some Swiss resorts have built igloos for romantic, outdoor adventure.

Want a reason to sleep really close and share body heat? Sure, you never really need a reason but several Swiss resort are offering one. Resorts at Zermatt,Engelberg, Davos, Zugspitze and Gstaad are offering igloos for the romantic and adventurous traveler.

And these are your father’s Inuit guide’s igloos either. These are more like forts that a couple of teenagers may have built after seeing Narnia on ecstasy. These subterranean snow forts include multiple bedrooms, communal dining, an outdoor sauna, and even a deck Jacuzzi. Pretty good. And making things out of ice just seems like the cleanup would be easier. They did it in that one awful Bond movie and even did it in real life in at the Ice Bar in Sweden.

We’re guessing that the only problem with this vacation idea is the bread of people that seem to be into this kind of thing. You know they refer to each other as ‘lover,’ are shockingly frank about their sexuality, and may walk around naked and insist it isn’t cold (though their physiology may show something to the contrary).

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