Online Dating Just Getting Started

Online Dating Just Getting Started
Love plans on expanding across the world.

According to Thomas Enraght-Moony, the head honcho of, online dating is just getting warmed up. According to his math, there are 92 million single Americans and only about 3 million pay for a dating service. And the US is the most advanced market. now operates in 37 markets (18 languages) and many of these markets have a much greater (and faster) broadband penetration than the US.

And now Match is making waves in France. It seems a little incongruous that the French would need help with love, but what do we know? Maybe they’re using it primarily as a place to meet for affairs. Any way, their strategy is to in France is to allow women to date for free, so 55% of their new users are women. And they’re about to start a new science-y feature called Alchimie that matches people up based on chemistry rather than hunting and pecking.

Sounds good, right? Maybe Match needs to start an international project. “Thinking of moving to a foreign land? Want to have a date or two in place? A little sketched out by the guys you met on Facebook? Check out our new MatchGlobal. And if you’re just looking a little action on a trip to Eastern Europe, try MatchTourister. It’s relatively safe and in English.”

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