Study: Pregnancy Impairs Memory

Study: Pregnancy Impairs Memory

From conception up to a year after birth, women forget more stuff.

Science once again has confirmed what we already knew. Pregnant women are forgetful. Researchers in Australia compiled the results of 14 different memory tests world-wide comparing pregnant women, mothers, and non-pregnant women. And the results showed that memory can be impaired for at least one year following birth. Pregnant women performed far worse on some parts of the test. The primary impairment has to do with new or complex tasks. Things like remembering PINs, phone numbers, and their children’s names were pretty A-OK.

The study is published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology and has scientists a little perplexed. On popular theory is that sleep habits and routines are highly disrupted during these 21 months.

Our theory is that the baby is stealing key nutrients required for concentration. So, the faster you can get that lil dude (or dudette) onto the formula the better. But then there’s the whole part about developing a mother-child bond. But you’ll have the rest of your life for that. The important thing now is that you’re still able to shout the answers competitively at the TV during Jeopardy. Good scoop, science. "Did I leave the iron on?"

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