Americans Need to Get It On

Americans Need to Get It On

Why do we rank third lowest in the world when it comes to lovemaking?

People, we need to start having more sex. According to a new Global Wellbeing survey by Durex, Americans rank third lowest in the world when it comes to the frequency with which we knock boots. In fact, only the nations of Japan, Hong Kong and Nigeria have less sex. And we know what the former two are doing with their free time: Getting busy developing superior electronics. Anyway.

What to do? Make our work week shorter, like the French? Their President just married a supermodel, so you can bet even he doesn't use "I've go too much to do" as an excuse. The Swiss get imaginative. Apparently they lead the world in the production of watches, chocolate, and now, sexual fantasies: 77% confessed to thinking prurient thoughts, more than any of the other 25 nations polled. And Mexicans are most likely to spice it up by bringing toys to bed: Nearly 1/3 of the country has done the horizontal mambo—and allowed their vibrator to cut in.

But it seems the true sexual Shangri-La for us girls is: Greece. Not only do they have sex twice as often as we do—a whopping 164 times a year. They also triple-tie—with Brazil and Italy—for the longest lovemaking sessions, with an average of 44 gratifying minutes of foreplay + intercourse. Oh-oh-opa! We'll see you in Santorini.