Colin Farrell Best Man At Bro’s Gay Wedding

Colin Farrell Best Man At Bro’s Gay Wedding

The hard-living Irishman is showing his soft side.

Farrell says, “Some lads fancy lads and some lads fancy lasses. Just glad that he’s leavin’ some out there for me. When we was growin' up in Dublin, I'd always be breakin' hearts and he'd be consolin' 'em. I thought it twas his angle. Guess not. Cheer to Eamonn and Steven, the two handsomest lads to ever fancy each other.” (He didn’t say any of that). Farrell’s brother Eamonn and his guy, Steven Mannion, plan on getting hitched in Provincetown, Massachusetts this spring.

Good effort. Most people only think of Farrell as a whiskey-swilling womanizer who mostly needs a good script to be effective. But he’s shown us a whole other side in the last year. He’s become an advocate for (against?) Angelman’s Disease (which afflicts his son) and is paying for his brother’s wedding. We’ve actually been a fan of his since he hosted SNL and he confided that part of his charm is his scent, scotch and cigarettes. This will probably be the only wedding he’s been to that he didn’t stand a good chance of nailing one of or all of the bridesmaids. And call us crazy, but his new flick, In Bruges, could be prett-y good.

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