Pakistani Cricket Player Claims Marriage Was A Sham

Pakistani Cricket Player Claims Marriage Was A Sham

He met girl online and claims not to have married over the phone.

The captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team, Shoaib Malik, claims that he was never married to a girl who claims otherwise. A Muslim family in Hyderabad (which is in India) claims that their daughter, Ayesha, exchanged wedding vows with the cricketer over the phone in 2002. Malik admits falling in love with the girl over the interweb and via telephone. And really liked her after seeing her photo, which turned out to be someone else. But he claims that the marriage never occurred, over the phone or otherwise. The father of the Siddiquis family even hosted a party for the Pakistani team when they toured India. But the daughter was conveniently visiting a grandmother in the US at that point.

We may have missed a trick here, but is everyone claiming that these two have not actually met in the five years that they have been 'together'? And no one else finds this strange? And the Reuters article leads us to believe that this marriage was sort of well-known too, i.e. that the match has been mentioned in the media. We’re not sure if there is a suitable comparison to something like this happening in America. Maybe if Alex Rodriguez met a cute Puerto Rican girl living in Canada on Facebook and then may or may not have married her while on a Vegas bender. Except it turns out that her Facebook picture was someone else and they were supposedly married by a friend who earned his marriage license online. Hopefully, someone will figure this out.

What a sticky wicket.

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