The Mysteries Of The Female O

The Mysteries Of The Female O

The more we learn, it appears the less we really know.

Why does sex feel so good? Why does climaxing feel even better? With dudes, it’s pretty straightforward. Signals get sent from areas dense with nerve tissue to the areas of the brain responsible for pleasure. With women, it’s not so easy to define.

First of all researchers are trying to figure out why the female orgasm is different from the male one. The female orgasm is shrouded in mystery, in the film Jay And Silent Strike Back Will Ferrell’s character declares, “No the clit is real. It's the female orgasm that's the myth.” So, there’s that. And the science doesn’t really clear up that myth. For instance, there are women that can orgasm from thought alone (and their brains scans are identical to women getting off the old-fashioned way). Guys don’t have anything like that except for the urban legend about the guy that spunked his pants after taking ecstasy (but there are nocturnal emissions or nockees, hmm). And there’s even Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, in which women constantly are near or over the orgasm line. Sure it sounds great but eventually becomes annoying. Women (the lucky ones) can have multiple orgasms from sexual contact whereas most guys have to grab a breather between climaxes. On top of that, the orgasm pleasure mechanism doesn’t even travel through the spine to the brain. There’s a thing called a Vagus Nerve (sounds made up) and because of it, some people paralyzed below the waist are still able to get sexual pleasure.

Looking back at the last paragraph we’ve finally seen an argument for Intelligent Design. We’re also getting an inkling of what U2’s “She Moves In Mysterious Ways” is about. If a dude as cool as Bono can’t understand women then all other men are basically screwed.

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