UK Study: Men Taking Longer To Get Ready

UK Study: Men Taking Longer To Get Ready

According to a survey, guys are spending more time grooming and primping.

Men in the United Kingdom are now taking longer to get ready than ever before. And women are, evidently, taking less time. According to results from a male grooming-product company called Bulldog the average dude takes 28 minutes to get ready. Whereas the average woman takes approximately 63 minutes to prepare herself for a night on the town.

According to these researchers, this average prep time for guys is up 30% from five years ago. And men are starting to purchase more and more grooming products. The easy thing to do would be to blame David Beckham for the metrosexual experience. But we will not do so. Instead, we’ll blame advertisers and Maxim magazine. We’re not sure what why women are taking less time. But it’s safe to say that pop stars (Victoria Beckham included) shouldn’t really get any credit for this. Maybe women are just too busy. Or they’ve decided (particularly in the UK) that a little more drinking and aggressiveness is more effective than 4 extra minutes in front of the mirror. Then again, this survey was commissioned by a company that makes grooming products (with 500 respondents), so let's not read into it too much, 'kay?

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