Annoying Spouses Only Get More Annoying

Annoying Spouses Only Get More Annoying

The little things add up over the years.

This news is for all you lovers out there. A study lead by Kira Birditt of the University Of Michigan shows that the irritating quirks of significant others don’t ever become charming. They actually just become more annoying. And all that nitpicking and carping, yeah, it has a cumulative effect.

For whatever reason, this feeling does not carry over to children or friends. Just this person that you choose to spend your life with. Just the person that you have to see at night when you go to bed and the first person you see when you wake up. The person that has that little hiccup in the middle of their laugh. The person that ends every sentence with ‘you know.’ Yeah, that person whose every opinion and sentiment drives you crazy. Yeah, good luck with ‘til death do us part’

The researcher said that there is an upside to this though. Spending time with each other makes spouses more comfortable criticizing them. And this is normal. Great. So much for just coasting through middle age and into our golden years. Maybe open communication and trust are not all their cracked up to be. Sorry, we just feel like we found out that we were adopted and Santa isn't real and our adopted parents are getting a divorce and our dog just got hit by a car and that car was stolen from us while we were at the mall.

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