Heart Beats


In a dating atmosphere where boundaries are as crucial as life and death, it becomes almost treacherous to think about falling in love. Heaven forbid you look back on the time when you actually were in love –ooh, now that’s just opening up a whole can of wormy bittersweet memories.

I still believe in that Disney feeling, flying on a magic carpet and all that. I still want Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” to be my wedding song (if that crazy day ever comes).

What brought this about? I’ve been spinning some of my favorite old school R&B at work; not that recent “I wanna lick whipped cream off you” type of music (although trust me, I love that stuff too) – but those tunes that spilled the truth about romance in a more subtle way.

So now I’ve got Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” in the background and I remember why I love love music so much. It’s easy to be a hard rocker or a thug rapper, but doesn’t it take more courage and fearlessness than those two combined in order to sing about how you’re falling for someone? Couldn’t revealing your weakness for someone of the opposite sex deem you as “soft”?

Yes, being truthful takes a whole lot of bravery. People deserve medals for it. I’ve always believed that when someone’s emotions can’t be expressed in words, music can do it exquisitely. That’s why people struggle so much to pick out a wedding song.

Jump out of your comfort zone for a minute – just for me – and think back to the last time you were in love. If it’s right now, don’t rub it in my face, you lucky bastard. Tell me your song – the one you’d dedicate (or have dedicated) to your lovebucket on your big day…

I don’t care how hard or soft you are about the concept of love and weddings and all that mess. Just tell me the song. I won’t judge you, I promise - you'll still be a thuggish rapper in my book.