Two Women, One Man And One Embryo

Two Women, One Man And One Embryo

Defective genes can be replaced with good ones.

Scientists in Britain have announced that they were able to create an embryo from the DNA of one man and two women. And they think that this could be a way of taking care of inherited disease by swapping bad genes for good ones.

The scientists (or mad men, your choice) claim that their goal is to replace mitochondria, which exist outside the nucleus of a standard female egg. These mitochondria (or cellular power plants, your choice) are where a number of genetic diseases are carried. So, the scientists fertilize the egg (or ovum, your choice) and place the nucleus only into the empty egg of a woman without the genetic predispositions (or somewhat defective genes, your choice).

Wow. This is something else. And it raises lots of ethical questions. Like when did humans start laying eggs? We thought that the duck-billed platypus was the only egg-laying mammal. People should also ask if this is tinkering with nature too much. It seems like a pretty good idea, hopefully it won’t lead to any unintended consequences like allowing royal families to gain a stranglehold on the Earth by making incest consequence-free. The study has yet to be published or peer reviewed but is essentially the same science (or genetic miracle, your choice) as a similar experiment on mice in Japan.

This gives a whole new meaning to three-way (buh dum pah).

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