Bleeding Heart V-Day Gift Ideas

socially conscious green valentine's day

Socially conscious and eco-friendly goods for the “do-good” valentine.

Does a store-bought card make you think of deforestation? A bouquet of flowers conjure images of pesticide pollution? Whether for yourself or your Al-Gore-inspired Valentine, here are three gift ideas that will keep the conscience clean and happy.

1. Skip Hallmark, Save Children

Actress Julianne Moore is sponsoring a drive to help increase early education, literacy and nutrition programs for children in the poorest areas of the United States. Donate and receive special Save the Children valentines to e-mail or print and send to friends and family.

2. Clean Up Your Mailbox... and the atmosphere

Forgo the Starbucks gift card and give a $20 Greendimes gift certificate instead. The one-time purchase keeps 90% of junk mail and unwanted catalogs out of your mailbox plus ensures that 10 trees will be planted in your honor.

3. A Rose Without a Thorn

Can’t resist sending roses? Order from Organic Bouquet, which ensures flowers are grown without the use of toxic pesticides. One dozen classic red roses are $49.95.

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