Evidently, Having Babies Is For Poor People

Evidently, Having Babies Is For Poor People

Rich people can just hire someone to carry their baby.

The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that rich women or women with rich husbands are sick and tired of having babies. Alex Kuczynski (a woman) announced recently that she and husband Charles Stevenson are going to make a baby with someone else’s womb. And Lauren Davis, an editor at Vogue, says that she and husband Andres Santo Domingo have similar plans. The common thread? Both women are NY socialites and both dudes are wealthy (not rich, they could buy countries). So that’s it. Rich people have figured out a way to totally bypass biology.

We all know that there is no way that this could backfire. We can’t think of any possible repercussions from having children borne by another woman and then raised by a series of nannies, au pairs, and tutors. Oh, and in case you missed it a few months ago, wet nurses are back in. Biological parents can now be entirely removed from the equation and only pull out junior when it’s time to snap some photos. We wonder if the whole baby-making end of this operation is done the old fashioned way. We think if she doesn’t have to worry about morning sickness, stretch marks, and vajayjay deformation that maybe he can go out and hook up with a random woman until they get it right. This could be a problem. “She’s not even ovulating and you were using a condom, you bastard.”

Well, we guess the fertilized egg is probably a better way to go. It seems like babies are the hot thing these days. Check out our story Are Babies The New Boyfriends?