The $15K Proposal*

The $15K Proposal*

*Not including ring…

What’s this craziness? A recent New York Times article explored the growing trend of elaborate wedding proposals, often times executed with the help of proposal planners (and ranging $5K-$15K). We didn’t know such a thing existed. But they do. And they’ll make it big.

The article quotes Jenifour Jones, founder of Go Get It Events. She says that V-Day is a popular time for popping the question, and she plans up to four proposals per week.

Says the piece of one of Jones' most dedicated ventures:
“For one, she staged a fake show, which the bride-to-be assumed was real. The concierge of a hotel was in on it, as was a comedy troupe and 150 actors playing audience members.
“When the time came to kiss the frog, the girlfriend was ‘chosen’ to come on stage and, unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend was smuggled backstage. He changed into a frog suit and when she kissed him, he took off the costume and presented the ring, while the audience waved lanterns.”

Wow. I hope she said yes. Here's our two cents: If a man chooses to throw this much money into something, sure, he must be committed. But it would have meant much more if he had gone small scale--and planned it on his own, don't you think? Throwing around thousands of dollars doesn't guarantee a happy marriage.

What do you think? Over the top? Or a heavenly slice of romance? Tell us about your proposal story below.