Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

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Check out YourTango's picks for most original V-Day gift.

Since we're hardly newbies at the game of love, roses and teddy bears for Valentine's Day induce gagging reflexes rather than an "awww" from some of the YourTango staff. Originality is key! Whether you're looking to give or help him get, check out our most memorable V-Day tips and gifts, which prove that, at YourTango, we think outside the heart-shaped box.

Our Most Memorable Valentine's Day Gifts

"We went to a spa for couples massages, and then he whipped out concert tickets and we went to see John Mayer."

"My very technically-able ex knew that I wanted to be able to write at cafes on the weekend, but I didn't have a laptop. He bought a used one off of Craig's list for cheap, rebuilt the motherboard, uploaded a personal screensaver and named the hard drive for me, then gave it to me wrapped in a big red bow."

"What I'd really want: Doing a Babeland or Good Vibrations workshop either alone or with a partner to spice up your sack sessions."

"My boyfriend took me shopping in SoHo, and then went to a wrestling show. It was good because we got a little bit of what I like (shoes), and what he likes (wrestling, obviously)."

"I lived on the beach and gave my girlfriend a gravity board. It's a long skateboard used for cruising."

"I'd drop some serious money for good basketball tickets because nothing is sexier or more romantic than the aftermath of NBA-related adrenaline."

"Sneak away his iPod and load a playlist on it—it's the 2009 version of a romantic mix tape."

"He gave me a gift certificate for a flying lesson last year and told me that he wanted me to feel the adrenaline rush I give him on a daily basis."