Bride Apprehends Drunk Driver


After a fender-bender, she ran him down until the cops arrived.

We’ll be honest, this is slightly off topic but is just ridiculous enough that we’re going to talk about it.

Okay, this couple in New Zealand was making their way home from their nuptials (which we understand was lovely) and they got rear-ended by a drunken driver at an orange light (we thought driving on the other side of the road was a problem). The husband gets out to have a look at the damage and get some insurance info. The other driver was wasted and wanted to handle things without the law. He then started to drive away and drove over the wife’s dress. She reached into the car and nabbed the dude’s keys. He then tried to walk away from the scene. The police asked her to follow him until they got there. So she followed him into stores and waited outside an alley as he cowered in there. The police arrived and carted him off. Evidently, people on the street were watching the whole scene.

First of all, what in the world were the police thinking? We know that people in New Zealand are rough and tumble but seriously? Next, how is this guy ever going to live this down? After hearing about this, do you think that the caterers and florist for the wedding are thanking their lucky stars that nothing got f*cked up at the wedding? The husband has to be a little nervous too. Forgetting to take out the trash could result in bruised ribs. And where do people from New Zealand go on honeymoons? Do they dream of traveling to the American mid-west to see the sites? “You would not believe the size of this ball of twine. It could probably wrap around the planet two, three times.” We wish we knew more about NZ. Pretty much all we know we learned from Lord Of The Rings and Flight Of The Conchords.

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