Sexy As Heel


Science proves stilettos make us sexy both on the street and in the sheets.

Could a three or four inch hike up in height actually elevate a woman's power to seduce? If it's done the right way - and I'm talking about a sleek pair of stilettos - yes, a female can go from so-so to slammin' sexy in the amount of time it takes to slip them on. It's always been known that a runway strut in tooth-pick heels both amazes and entices men, but now the UK's Daily Mail has scientific backing to prove that there's more to it, especially for the woman in herself.

Researchers claim that high-heeled shoes not only tone the legs and strengthen the pelvic muscles, but they "directly work the pleasure muscles which are linked to an orgasm." Not a bad perk added to an accessory that we females already lust over.

Check out the article for the lowdown on high heel appeal.