Air Travel For Nudists

Nudists can now travel in style.

A German travel agency is offering a flight for people that like to take it off. Essentially, tourists on a flight to the Baltic Sea resort of Usedom will strip down from the time the door closes until they touch down (a little like the mobile phone usage rules). Evidently, Germans have a long history of nudism. There is a ‘free body culture’ that’s totally into birthday suit self-expression. So, this starry-eyed nakey movement was more-or-less not tolerated by the Nazis. So the practice died out a bit in the late 30’s.

Weird that Fascists weren’t into people enjoying themselves as nature intended. Anyone who’s a fan of David Sedaris would immediately ask if the passengers were told to bring along their own towels. Because that’s not the kind of thing that airline can be expected to provide.

At any rate, lest you think that this is just an aereal orgy, the director of the talent agency, Enrico Hess says, "I don't want people to get the wrong idea. It's not that we're starting a swinger club in mid-air or something like that.” We’re glad that was cleared up. European aviation gimmicks are way ahead of American ones. They have Ryan Air that charges you like $8 for the ticket and then tacks on charges for luggage, sips of water, and comfort. And they have SkyEurope who unveiled a speed dating flight (check out a VIDEO about that) and thus robbed us of the one good idea we’ve ever had. One of these days, some entrepreneur is going to notice that there are no clothing optional airlines that offer a dating service and that’s when we get flying brothels.

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