Woman Married 5 Military Men

She now faces counts of fraud and bigamy.

A 27-year old woman is being held in Walton County, Georgia on charges of bigamy and fraud. Evidently, she’s been traveling across the country marrying guys in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. We guess she was looking for a few good men.
Nothing? Not even a chortle?

At any rate, her mom went on Good Morning America (GMA) and claims that her daughter has Munchausen Syndrome. Which is slightly more of a problem than Stockholm Syndrome (identifying with kidnappers) and slightly less of a problem than China Syndrome (nuclear reactor cores melting through the Earth). ABC’s website refers to Munchausen as making up backgrounds and illnesses to get attention. We thought it was just illnesses, but whatever. Eminem references Munchausen Syndrome in the song “Cleaning Out My Closet.” The mom also mentioned that she’s been getting calls for year from men you think they may have married her daughter.

So the whole thing caught up to her South Carolina. She married a Marine who was living in Parris Island (the extra R is for Rough) and she was caught living with another Marine in nearby Beaufort, SC. So seven names, five social security numbers, three birthdates, at least five marriages, and three children later she’s facing fraud and bigamy charges. At first we thought that the fraud charge was piling on, but it turns out that she may have committed a little identity fraud and theft along the way. And possibly forged documents. We’re a little surprised that she hadn’t hit up the Coast Guard yet. Or claimed that she was part of the Alabama National Air Guard.

We have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this story very soon on Lifetime. What’s Tiffany Amber Theissen up to these days?

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