Michelle Obama Stumps For Husband

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Michelle Obama Stumps For Husband

Barack's wife is campaigning for him in Connecticut.

In this case, ‘stumps’ means solicits votes not some weird sexual thing. So Michelle Obama is trying to get people in Stamford, Connecticut to make her husband the Democratic nominee for President. She’s kissing hands and shaking babies and helping to elucidate Barack’s stance on healthcare, education, jumping clear of partisan politics, and other Obama campaign themes.

Thank goodness we’re hearing from her. It seems like we have been getting nothing but earfuls of team Clinton lately. Michelle, particularly compared to some political spouses, is quite accomplished in her own right. Check out Tango’s article on the Obamas as a couple. At any rate, she actually reminds us of a young, likeable Hillary Clinton. We think he could really use her on the campaign trail. Particularly to counter Slick Willy. Or maybe just leave him to his own self-destruction. Either way, Bill C better watch out or Michelle will have to take her earrings off.

It may be a media perception thing, but it seems like the candidates running for the Democratic nomination have slightly more dynamic (or visible) spouses. Though John Edwards is out of the race, Elizabeth was often seen out stumping for him. This time around GOP wives, by comparison, are a little more traditional in their roles. This is especially true now that Rudy and Judy Giuliani are out of the race.

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