Talking Dirty (In Multiple Tongues)

Talking Dirty (In Multiple Tongues)

If "Be Prepared" is the boyscout motto, then Sex in Every City: How To Talk Dirty in Every Language, would be any on-the-make scout's best friend. And it certainly can't hurt if you're the type of girl who will roll with any guy who rolls his "r's" without effort. This linguistic guide has come-ons ranging from bawdy pick-up lines ("Excuse me, do you believe in one-night stands?") to polite post-coital inquiries ("How do you like your eggs?"), in languages ranging from French to Finnish.

Anyway, fun if you're seriously on the prowl, even better if you just want to be the belle of the next bar crawl. For starters, here's six takes on one quip that has had us breaking out in spontaneous giggles, totally unprovoked, at our desks:

"Hello, Sailor!"

French "Salut, beau gosse!" (Saloo, boh goss!)

Spanish "Hola, chato! (Oh-lah chah-toh!)

Italian "Ciao, bello!" (Chaow bayl-lo!)

German "Hallo Matrose!" (Hallo mat-rowzer!)

Finnish "No hueva paivaa!" (No hueva paaiva!)

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