Becks Gets 6-Inch Tat Of Posh


The soccer superstar gets image of his wife on his forearm.

Everyone’s favorite soccer stud just showed off his new tattoo of wife Victoria yesterday. David Beckham’s 11th tattoo is of a Brigitte Bardot-esque photo that Posh posed for in Pop magazine a while back. Beckham actually keeps a personal tattoo artist around incase the mood ever strikes. The Mirror puts the price tag of the tat at about $5,000. Not too shabby. Victoria was seen sporting (poshing?) a bandage recently, so the could have gone matching again.

Why do we mention this? Slow news day? Maybe. But we haven’t covered soccer’s first family for a while. The only thing they’ve really done lately was Posh having her breast implants removed to make her more agile onstage.

What a nice present, though. Getting a picture of another person pressed into ink on your body is a pretty big gesture. But who is it really a present for? If a lady gets cosmetic surgery is it for her or her fella? And if he pays for her to get a tat of his initials, who is the present for? This is very confusing, tattoos of as presents. And permanent. Getting someone tattooed on your body may be a bigger commitment than getting married. It’s probably somewhere between having a kid and getting married on the commitment scale. Maybe this new age of laser treatment has made the tattoo a little less permanent. But if you don’t have the time or patience to get a tat removed you have to either suck it up or only date people with the same name.

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