Ethan Hawke Has A Kid On The Way


He and his girlfriend, Ryan Shawhughes, seem pretty excited.

It seems like it’s been a while since Ethan Hawke had a kid. Roughly 5 years have passed since he and Uma Thurman had their son Levon. So People is reporting that he’s decided to have another. Hawke is dating Ryan Shawhughes, the former nanny of the children that he and Uma Thurman had.

Hawke and Shawhughes made their relationship public in December of 2007 (see that Dish) but are said to have been dating for 2 years and Hawke’s relationship to Thurman in 2004. The Rumoratti speculated that their breakup was because of infidelity. Ethan Hawke denies this and later blamed the whole thing on the difficulty of dating a celebrity and dating as a celebrity (see that Dish). He probably won’t have to worry about being outshone by his current squeeze (although she is lovely). Hopefully, there won’t be any weirdness between his kids with Uma and his future children with Ryan. There might be too much temptation to write a parenting book and later star, produce, and direct a movie about.