Rich Gals Speed Dating For Boy-Toys

The old stereotype gets turned on its ear.

The shoe is on the other foot, eh? An event planner in New York City is putting together a speed-dating event for rich, older women and attractive younger men on February 7th. The women have to be minimum of 35 and earn $500,000+ (gross, presumably) or have $4,000,000 in net wealth. The men just have to meet the exacting standards of an elite matchmaker. We’re guessing washboard abs are probably not optional. Incredibly (or predictably, whate'r), 5,000 men signed up for these 20 slots.

The event’s organizer, Jeremy Abelson, heard some criticism for a similar event that he organized last year with rich guys and sexy ladies (check out that Dish). Hmm. We’ve been feeling the tide going in this direction for a little while now. Bachelorette parties are now typically a little crazier than bachelor parties. Matt Damon sheepishly reference 'cougars' in Oceans 13. Gentrified women are now engaging in third world sex tourism (see that Dish). Women are earning 59% of the college degrees these days. More dudes are willing to get by on their good looks. And MTV only has so many openings. So, here we are. And frankly, this is a good day for gender equality. Rich people should be able to buy the affection of good-looking people irrespective of their gender. We’re pretty sure that the Romans felt this way.

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