Reporter Proposes To Tom Brady

Mexican TV reporter wants to be Mrs. Brady.

Ines Gomes Mont, a reporter from Mexico’s TV Azteca, dressed in full bride regalia threw herself at Tom Brady. Brady, as cool as a pickle, had to pass. Explaining that he’s “one-woman man.” The reporter was not going to take no for an answer though. She decided to check in with the Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick and asked, "Don't you think I'm better than Gisele?" To which the coach could not reply in the positive. At that, she declared, "I no longer love Tom Brady; I now love Manning." Solid. So, Manning has his fiancé, his mom, Ines Gomes Mont, and a handful of diehard Giants fans. Which leaves every other woman to Tom Brady. Except Bridget Moynahan. So basically, it’s roughly 3 billion to a baker’s dozen of women in favor of Brady. Too bad that Eli Manning is engaged. They really could have gotten in Tom Brady’s head by starting a Manning-Moynahan romance rumor.

Is it just us or is the Super Bowl coverage getting crazier every year? The Mexican TV stations pull out all of the stops. Last year some guy was asking questions with a sock puppet. Not this. It’s like having a Spanish teacher in high school that can relate all of the lesson plans back to her love of Julio Iglesias. Weird.

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