Life-For-Sale Followup

Life-For-Sale Followup

<p>The eBay bidding on Ian Usher's life is looking pretty good.</p>

Not sure if you remember Ian Usher. He's the dude that decided he'd had enough of his life after getting divorced. But instead of making out with a revolver or chasing a bottle of Advil with a bottle of blackberry brandy, he decided to just auction his old life away. Ring a bell? The Perth, Australia man decided to put everything he owns (including jet skis!) up for sale. He valued all of his belongings at about $385,000 but according to UPI the bidding on eBay (naturally) is up to about $1.7 million. Did we mention that you get a 2-week trial at his rug store and an introduction to some really great friends?

While we doubt that anyone is seriously give him 5 times valuation, this is basically the awesomest starting over story ever. As soon as the check clears, this dude is going to stuff his check in his front pocket, grab his passport, and take the first flight outta there. "Go f*ck yourself, sucktown!" Ideally he won’t be flying on Oceanic Airlines and the flight won't be somewhere that they don’t speak English, but who gives a doodle? It's an adventure.

If this isn't a movie starring Matthew McConaughey (or that Seth Rogen guy) then we have no faith in Hollywood's ability to get rich off other people's life story. Hopefully, Ian Usher will take the plunge fully and change his name when he lands in his new location. We'd like to see the name either Donatello Nuevavida or Raymond Fleming. The bidding is set to end on the 29th of June.