In Japan: Time Off For Breaking Up


A marketing firm offers employees time to recover from breakups.

A marketing company in Japan has started offering “heartache leave” to its employees. Essentially, the company lets employees take time off for breakups. The system is a little biased, staff under 25 get one day off per year, staff between 25 and 29 get two days per year, and team members 30 or older get three days per year. We’re assuming that the logic is that older people are probably in more serious relationships and will probably be hit harder by a breakup. That’s probably fair. Good thing they don’t have any teenage employees. They would probably need a week per year.

This reminds us of a scene from the Anistontastic movie The Break-Up. The owner/operator of Jennifer Aniston’s place of employment, (also the company’s namesake) Marilyn Dean, told Aniston to take the day off after the film’s eponymous action took place. The rationale was that when one of Marilyn Dean’s employees doesn’t look good that Marilyn Dean doesn’t look good. We turned the movie off shortly after that because we didn’t like the way that they were yelling at each other, but it was still good advice.

We wonder how often people take sick days after a breakup. Sometimes they suck it up and get quality work done. And sometimes they mope around their office and tell all of their coworkers to, “Hold onto your relationship with both hands. Don’t let this happen to you.” And then have them sulk at their desk for days until the coolest guy/ gal in the office straightens them out either by yelling at them or taking them to a pickup club.

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