Australians May Need Birth Control Lessons


A huge amount of unintentional pregnancies claim to have used birth control.

According to a recent study in Australia, 60% of women with unplanned pregnancies last year claimed to be using birth control. And 21% of those women claim that they were on more than one kind of birth control. In addition to unplanned pregnancies, the number of reported cases of Chlamydia have tripled in the last seven years. It sounds like young people need to hear a little more about safe sex in Down Under. “Crikey, we were safe, that ‘roo was sedated!” (Thank you!)

In all seriousness, various Aussie women’s groups are after the current government to allocate money to educate young women (63% of accidental pregnancies were by women under 24). Do you maybe think that some of these people are stretching the truth a little about ‘using protection’? 'We did use protection, mom. I don't know what happened.' Is this a little like, ‘Oh, I sent you an email about it. Didn’t you get it?’ When, in fact, people rarely don’t get emails. It’s basically amazing that so many people accidentally get pregnant and some people have such a hard time conceiving. Life really throws you curveballs sometimes. So, Australians, a few quick tips:
1) Take your birth control pill everyday (even the placebos). 2) It’s a good idea to use a condom (or pull and pray) if you’ve been vomiting or ‘had the trots.’ 3) Turning condoms inside out to reuse them is a really, really bad idea. 4) If you’re really unlucky, totally avoid sex while you’re ovulating. 5) If you fail to heed the advice above and you don’t want to be pregnant, look into the morning-after pill. Enjoy the 'rooting,' try not to get 'banged up.'

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