College Credit For Wedding Planning


George Mason University offers a full-credit class in wedding planning.

George Mason University in suburban D.C. (Fairfax, VA) is offering college credit for a class on wedding planning. The class is part of the School of Recreation Health and Tourism.

The class’s professor, Maggie Daniels, used to be a wedding planner and claims that the class is no easy A. The class involves photography, floral arrangement, music, budgeting, etc. And everyone’s final project is planning a mock wedding (these dossiers are generally 150 pages long). Two dudes took the class last semester and at least 50% of them are into girls.

No word on whether or not this class will count towards a degree in interior design or house-wifery (we kiiiiiiid). In all fairness, a wedding is a massive pain in the ass to plan and a leg up would be helpful but (and we’re totally ignorant to the cost per credit hour at GMU) isn’t is something that most people hire help for and/ or get help from sisters, cousins, mothers, and friends? We do suggest that anyone who is about to plan a wedding any more extravagant than the courthouse should probably pick up this class’s text book (which prof. Daniels co-wrote).

We suppose that we’ve never even thought about where a person who becomes a wedding planner gets their skills. Is there a guild or more of an apprenticeship system? And if there is a guild, could they go on strike? In hindsight, Jennifer Lopez should have taken this class before her turn in The Wedding Planner. Maybe it would have been more believable.

Quick note: George Mason University’s namesake was a founding father whose belief in individual rights helped forge the way for the Bill Of Rights. The University’s mascot is the Patriot.

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