Josh Hartnett And Kirsten Dunst?

Josh Hartnett And Kirsten Dunst?

These two could be having tons of fun at Sundance.

That Josh Hartnett is something else. Ladies love him, girls adore him, even the ones that never saw him. We’re not going to run through the whole list (which borders on unbelievable) but he’s hooked up with Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and possibly Rihanna. And now HollyScoop is reporting that Kirsten Dunst is back on the list. Pretty good.

He’s living the dream. Taking in a few movies. Eat right. Exercise regularly. Shoot on location for six months. Oh and tear through New York’s Greenwich Village. And on second viewing, Lucky Number Slevin was somewhat redeeming. It was one of those post-Tarantino flicks that had some jaunty dialogue, cleverly apt character names, and a  cool cast (Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Bruce ‘the Smirk’ Willis, Ben Kingsley, and Stanley Tucci). Lots of promise with that one. Not like The Black Dahlia. That one was a clunker from the word go.

We remember some rumor of a hook up between these two back in like '99 (The Virgin Suicides) and ’04. But nothing came out of it. We’re glad that they’re enjoying Sundance this year. It’s got to be a little daunting with the writer’s strike looming out there to have a good time in Park City.

We almost forgot that Kirsten Dunst has a pretty impressive seen-with/ been-with list. We were under the impression that she had a rockstar boyf but what happens in Utah…, just ask Johnny Drama and Turtle.

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