Jessica Simpson Fights Back

Jessica Simpson Fights Back

She's suing a gossip mag for printing rumors of a breakup with Tony Romo.

There were reports from OK! Magazine that Tony Romo had dumped Jessica Simpson. And we’re glad that we didn’t reprint them (frankly, we’re still a little embarrassed about blowing that call on a Zac Effron – Vanessa Hudgens breakup) because evidently it’s not true. So not true, in fact, that Jessica Simpson is demanding they publish an “immediately publish a prominent and unambiguous" retraction.

Another part of the so-called “smear campaign” is an allegation that little sister Ashlee is trying to distance herself from Jessica. Evidently, this is also false. We’re not 100% sure what Ashlee’s even doing anymore outside of hanging out with Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz.

For what it’s worth, it seems like OK! is right at the intersection between gossip, slander, and verifiable fact. And it works. They pay an amazing amount of money for paparazzi photos (and negotiated celeb photo rights). It seems like they’ve picked a formula and are pretty comfortable with it. It’s like they’ve decided to let People handle all of the upbeat and A-List news. And they’ve decided to cover the struggle and B-listers. And Us Weekly creeps into both realms.

To sew this one up, Cowboys fans are not quite rid of Ms. Simpson. It would be weird if he broke up with her and she refused to see it that way. We think Romo's really caught in hard place on this one. He has to either reassure her that they're still dating or pretend they're still dating to make sure she doesn't look silly (er). Either way, John Mayer has her back, he recently blogged it up about her love for Texas.

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