Breaking The Big, Bad Taboo Of IVF

These days people have no problem asking invasive questions.

In our daily sweep of the world wide interweb, we sometimes bump into some interesting stories and opinions. And before you ask, yes we have the entire internets on our computers. Random tangent, there is almost as much unsolicited opinion on the web as there is porn. One day someone is going to make a hybrid of the blog and amateur porn site (possibly called a blorn) and make roughly one billion dollars. Any way, we were surfing the infotainment super highway and bumped into a column by a lady named Laura Lewis Brown. And LLB’s post was about people’s suspicions about twins and curiosity about pregnancy. Because of all of the shocking cases of multiple births due to fertility treatment (anyone seen Jon & Kate Plus 8?), it has become okeedokee to ask if someone’s ‘twins’ are natural. Last time we heard that was at a wet t-shirt contest (hi-ooooo!).

At any rate, LLB asks some interesting questions about fertility treatment and taboo. We feel that the taboo was broken on a few very special episodes of Coach. Coach Hayden Fox (played by the inimitable Craig T. Nelson) was having a hard time conceiving with his lady Christine (played by Shelley Fabares). So Coach and Christine are having a hard time conceiving so they visit a fertility clinic. The doctor says that Coach’s sperm have a problem with motility (or something) and suggests that he wears a girdle-like device that circulates warm water around his genitals. At some point Coach is on television when the device sprouts a leak. And he’s forced to tell the truth or let the audience think he peed his pants. He goes with the truth (which is typically the lesson of any episode of Coach) and explains his problem. In a later episode, he tries to convince Troy Aikman to donate sperm. We were like 14 when this story arc originally aired but really understand its significance now.

Anyway, LLB's column is worth a read. Partly because she references the classic 80's TV show Small Wonder.

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