Prenup Dust Up Cancels Wedding 2 Hours Before Start Time

A last minute prenup change forces wedding cancellation.

A pair of well to-do Manhattanites recently pulled the plug on their wedding two hours before it was set to commence. The groom’s side blames a last second addendum to a prenuptial agreement. An investment banker (a trader, really) was set to marry a hotel heiress (not Paris Hilton) when the lawyers screwed everything up.

The wedding was set for January 5th in Florida. The two sides reached an agreement on January 2nd. But the next day, the bride’s side requested (and later demanded) a clause that would pay her alimony in the case of a divorce. This is well and good except that she allegedly has a ‘large trust fund’ to fall back on. The two sides went back and forth on this until an ultimatum was issued. The ultimatum was challenged and the wedding was canceled two hours before it was due to start. The event turned into a reception for the bride’s family and guests.

Ugh. It’s one thing if a bride and groom decide that they’re better off not together and then enjoy a nice party together. But it’s another if the thing falls apart the day of the wedding over money. Couldn’t they have started the negotiations sooner? Did her dad let the lawyers handle the whole thing and the flip out when he saw that they signed the deal without an alimony clause? Did the bride get cold feet and ask her dad/ legal team to get her out?

We suppose that they could have gone ahead with the deal and then sought a post-nup or let the lawyers contest the prenup if there ever was a divorce. At least the guests can just take their gifts home with them. “Oh, it’s a bread maker. I love it.” But what do you do with the wedding and engagement rings? We’re under the impression that if she breaks it off then she has to return the ring. But what if she issues a ridiculous ultimatum and forces him to do the leaving? Where the hell is Emily Post on this? Have they used this as a storyline for Dirty, Sexy Money yet?

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