‘Delilah’ Song Muse Going To Grammy Awards With Songster

The subject of the Plain White T's biggest hit is going along to the awards.

The Plain White T’s had a breakaway hit with ‘Hey There Delilah’ this year. They’ve even been nominated for a song of the year Grammy for it. And it turns out that Delilah is a real person. She’s Olympic hopeful Delilah DiCrescenzo (her event is the 3,000 meter steeple chase). The story goes that lead singer Tom Higgenson was smitten with DiCrescenzo and wrote the song about her despite the fact that she had a boyf. And for five years The Plain White T’s played this song at clubs and concerts until it broke into everyone’s radio this summer.

As they began getting more press, eventually someone got the story out of Higgenson. The two have remained friendly over the years and he invited her to be his date for the Grammy’s. She still has a boyf, so we’re not sure what he hopes to accomplish. Maybe, he’ll bring her on stage if they win. We’re sure that the camera and lights guys are going to have a field day if the Plain White T’s perform. Her boyf is probably just listening to Tom Petty over and over again thinking, “You think you’re gonna take her away. With your money and your cocaine.” And then trying to write an even catchier song about Delilah in case he needs to win her back.

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