5 Reasons to See "27 Dresses"

katherine heigl stars in 27 dresses

Bet you one bad bridesmaid dress this chick flick will hit a nerve.

It got slammed in the reviews. Then, this weekend, when I stopped by my favorite neighborhood boutique to gawk at cute dresses on my way to the theatre, even the salesgirl started in: "It was awful. You wouldn't believe the things that came out of these characters' mouths!" And yet, three friends and I were still hell-bent on seeing the new Kathering Heigl star vehicle this past Sunday.

In our humble opinions, it didn't disappoint: Between popcorn-snarfing, the movie's themes—sibling rivalry, bridesmaid spite, wedding envy—were universal enough to get an emotional rise out of each of us in turn. And kudos to the costume director because this film's minor villains (i.e., 27 heinously bad bridesmaid dresses) were so memorably cast that I'm still shuddering.

Anyway, I'm no film critic. I'm just a woman. But here, in no particular order, are 5 instances in which I think you might like this movie:

1) You're a giving person who has trouble saying no to even unreasonable requests.

2) You suspect you have underlying sibling rivalry issues you need to work out.

3) At least one friend has made you wear a hideous dress in front of hundreds of people in the name of (her) true love.

4) You read the style section of the newspaper before (or maybe even instead of) the hard news.

5) Deep down, you truly believe there's a guy out there who will one day stare deep into your eyes and see the thing that makes you more unique than any other woman on earth.

I'm going to venture a guess that 99.9% of American females would nod knowingly upon reading at least one of the above statements. Which goes a long way in explaining why—despite scathing reviews citing "formulaic plotlines" —it was a standing-room-only estrogen-fest at the 27 Dresses showing I went to. And that leads me to level a whole new accusation: It's not just that movie critics don't get chick flicks—they plain old don't understand women.