Snoop Dogg Renews Wedding Vows

Snoop Dogg Renews Wedding Vows

America's favorite hip-hop star had a second a wedding.

Fo-shizzle! We always thought that second weddings would be a little too maudlin for the D O Double G. Guess not. Snoop (nee Cordozar Calvin Broadus) surprised Shante (his wife of ten years) with a second wedding (complete with 200 guests) on January 12th. The couple has three little ones together.

Evidently, this was part of Snoop’s show Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood (may not have been his idea, we're guessing). It’s sort of amazing to think of ‘Bad Boy’ entertainers as husbands and fathers. There is a Snoop Dogg version of Girls Gone Wild, you know? It’s sometimes hard to separate the guy from the myth they’ve built around themselves. We wonder if his wife (now) and kids like to shade themselves from what he does to earn money. It seems like some amount of sincerity gets lost. Maybe it’s the difference between a method actor and a character actor. Things could change, but we don’t see Eminem or 50 Cent having second weddings. Must be a G thing, baby.

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